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If principals do not understand, it will not happen

Schools across the country are plagued by a bunker mentality when skintervention guide comes to leadership. Compliance, comply with the maintenance of the status quo and enforce rules of reign supreme. At the end everything boils down to the actions of leaders. So the other day wrote to this comment, “I’m surprised every day to see the educational progress both in my Twitter feed.” This should be the norm, not the exception.” Many people in education talk a great game when skintervention guide comes to the effective use of the technology, but the results (lack there of) speak for themselves. I constantly see and hear about leaders that tout them in a way that makes others develop a perception that really know something about the effective of a variety of technological tools integration to improve professional practice. However, once you get past the rhetoric quickly you understand that skintervention guide is to speak with a clear lack of substance. This is not to say that they are not willing to learn or accept the significant change in this area.Not only it hasn’t happened yet, at least from my point of view. Therefore, the use of social networks in schools by teachers remains one uphill battle.

For educators and schools that are resistant to or are not sure about the use of social media, you challenge to switch from a fixed to a growth mindset to create schools that work best for children and establish importance as a leader in your neighborhood, school or classroom.

Begin to strategically use a set of tools for freedom of the media such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate important information (student honors, achievements of personnel, meetings, emergency information) to those interested in real time. Aligned with the intention of consistency is the key.
Take control of public relations to become head of the Narrator to produce a steady stream of positive news. If you do not share your story someone else will do and then runs the possibility that non-positive.To react to situations of public relations that have a limited control of and start to be more proactive. To supply a steady stream of positive news that will help mitigate any negative stories that may arise.
Establish a brand presence should now not be restricted to the business world when schools and districts now have the tools at your fingertips to do this in a cost effective manner. Simply call and tell your story with social media tools can make it.

20 paleo dessert that allow you to have the flesh, your cake and eat it all, also

Cake of walnut, carrot, pumpkin and Apple Pie Blueberry cake cookies crumble. These sweets may sound all too good to be true for anyone following one diet Paleo, which restricts cereal, gluten, soy, and dairy products. But desserts, Paleo-approved should exist without sacrificing an ounce in the taste Department. And good news: make!

If something is proof of this, jamorama learn guitar is these 20 recipes below. Learn jamorama guitar are delicious to being positively positively Paleo. Many depend on staples from Paleo – like the coconut oil, nuts and seeds – for its glorious flavor and texture. So if you are adhering to Paleo rules, likely you have a lot of these ingredients in your pantry. And a note: some of these recipes containing chocolate, an ingredient that is ready for debate in the Paleo world: some eat it, some do not. No matter which team you play in, there is certainly something for everyone.Take a look!

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Letter from LEGO to the parents in the 70s makes an important point about the sex

Over the weekend booked user Fryd_ build a letter, the LEGO boxes with their toy reddit included bricks in the 1970s. Addressed to parents, the note has a message about gender equality and gender children products, today many toy companies still don’t seem to understand.

The letter is as follows:

To the parents.
The urge to create is equally strong in all children. Boys and girls.
His imagination that counts. Not skill. You build, what comes in your head, as you want it. A bed or a truck. A dolls house or a space ship.
That’s a lot of guys as dolls houses. Theyre human as space ships. Many women prefer space ships. Maximizador musculos is more exciting than dolls houses.
The most important thing is to put you to what appeals to them to create the right material in the hands.

The user reddit Buzzfeed, said that he found the note, while playing with his niece and nephew in the House her grandmother with Legos. “As a particularly modern message for something written 40 years ago what struck me,” he said, adding, “I thought, the toy maker of today could learn a thing or two!”

This letter message corresponds to the gender-neutral LEGO display of 1981, which made the Internet rounds in February. The creator of display, Judy Lotas, told the Huffington Post “are to provide boys and girls differently, but not to the exclusion and want to build. This is not a question of gender.”

Hear, hear!

H/T Buzzfeed

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3 easy ways to avoid the Stress of holiday candy

The holidays can be stressful for several reasons: gift events shopping, families, the collection of parties, for children, and of course memories filled with goodies from sugar that tease us office of each collaborator.

As a child, I heard the adult conversations about holiday weight gain and their resolutions to get rid of it. We have all declined the beautiful dessert or abandon the second spoon to a dish that we really wanted.

The most stressful part of the holidays for me, used to be the collective mass of food available. At 15, I developed an eating disorder and bought into the lie that skinny was beautiful.

I have long awaited for the joy of the holidays, but has faced fear, disgust of self and self-distrust. How can I be happy when I was a big fat failure?

When I recovered, I studied the origin of that stolen my joy of holidays. I realized that we tend to lay down rules for ourselves instead of listening to our body.

Rules such as:

“I’ve only will allow myself one cookie.”
“I will bake cupcakes with my child, but I do not eat.”
“I’ll have just a bite.”
“No thanks, watching my form.”

Many of us share a collective situation: focus on our body as a measure of our sense of self. So, how do we stop this ridiculous war?

3 simple things here you can do, this holiday season, to bring the magic into food and peace in your heart and mind.

(1) to get rid of the rules.
Have you designed some written or unwritten on how rules / what you are allowed to eat? Throw them in the trash. Seriously. The best thing I’ve ever done for my body had to do any food taboos. The psychology is simple. More us resist something, more diet solution program persists because we gave diet program solution great importance. Take the power away from food.

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Any climate agreement at the upcoming summit likely to be too weak to stop global warming

By Alister Doyle, environment correspondent OSLO, 23 Nov (Reuters) – a global to fight agreement against climate change by 2015 seems more likely after promises of action from China, the United States and the European Union, but any agreement is probably too weak to curb rising temperatures. Delegates from 200 countries will meet in Lima (Peru), from December 1-12 to work on the agreement expected in Paris in a year, also stimulated by scientific new warnings about the risks of floods, heat waves, sea acidification and rising of the ocean. After the failure to accept a sweeping U.N. Treaty at a Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, the easier but less ambitious objective now is an agreement consisting of “nationally determined” plans to help reverse a 45 percent increase since 1990 greenhouse gas emissions. “We are in much better shape,” a year before Paris in preparation for Copenhagen, said Yvo de Boer, who was Chief of the climate of the United Nations in 2009 and now leads the Global Institute of green growth in Korea of the South, which helps poor countries. The hope is that in Paris, delegates will also be the work of ways to accentuate national plans in coming years to limit average temperature amounts to an agreed ceiling of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above levels of before the industrial revolution. Temperatures have already climbed 0.85 C (1.5 F). “Not in my wildest dreams that I expect the Paris agreement to reduce the gap to 2 degrees,” de Boer told Reuters. China, the United States and the European Union, which together represent more than half of global greenhouse gas emissions, have indicated that web traffic sales want a kind of global agreement in Paris, strongly increase the chances of success of the Summit. “The prognosis is significantly better than to go to Copenhagen,” said Robert Stavins, Director of the program for environmental economics at Harvard University. “Expectations (in 2008-2009) have been much too high.” The favours of China facing the new model for a deal is a passage from the United Nations.existing of the Kyoto Protocol, which obliges the European Union and a few other rich countries to reduce their emissions until 2020. But Kyoto represents only about 14% of global emissions. Last month, the European Union set itself the objective of reducing emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, from fossil to renewable fuels. And, in an announcement with President Xi Jinping of China, on 11 November, President Barack Obama has set a goal of an emission reduction US from 26 to 28 percent to the levels of 2005 in 2025-14 to 16 percent lower than the base year of 1990 United Nations.

A path beyond the Opt-Out movement

More and more parents opt their children out of the State examination. This is largely in protest against the further escalation guidelines for Earth standardized testing needed to the appropriate escalation of accountability. Politicians, teachers and principals are responsible for student test scores to hold, myboatplans boat plans have large amounts of data, which provide the possibility, following small differences between these results in the course of time.

A great and convincing body of authoritative evidence sets a nonsensical – near who tried these small differences to the teachers and principals in validity of insurmountable hurdles run somehow attributing. This applies if the test of the teacher understanding uses theme – for example results from reading tests, to evaluate an art of language teachers to focus on.Boat myboatplans plans is even more true, if test scores teacher, the topic of this test gauges not ascribed to or teachers who are measured on students taught them never are.

Recent opt-out protests here in Colorado brought in a conversation I had with my Dean, when I was at CU-Boulder, began about 15 years ago. He asked me about the standardized tests and accountability system in Colorado, which seemed excessive. He asked me whether I thought myboatplans boat plans was a passing fad of politics.

“How long this will last?” he asked.

I assured him voice, that such reform waves came and went in the history of American education in my best wet-behind-the-ears-policy-analyst. Less than two decades earlier, there was another check shaft, and it had fizzled. The title of the 1990 articles – Larry Cuban “reform again, again and again” was ringing in my ears.

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As this 28 years paid out $ 81K in debt

By Gerri Detweiler,

As a child, Austin Netzley recalled being captivated with the concept of money and promising himself that one day he would be rich. And now, at 28, by measurement of the majority of the people, government car auctions is. Auctions car government has been an athlete, student, engineer and entrepreneur. And now, with his book “make money, live prosperous,” is also an author and speaker. And at this point in his life, is considered “retired”.

Not bad for someone who, in 2008, had a new Bachelor’s degree, $72,000 in student loans and a Honda used auto loan with $9,000. He attended a good but expensive school in Ohio where he had played football. His degree was in mechanical engineering, so government car auctions had a leg up in the search for a job that pays well, which definitely helps when you’re trying to dig a financial hole.

Went to work for an oil company in Houston, bringing in six figures in the first year but carefully tracking expenses.As an engineer, Netzley tends to think in terms of numbers. He knew, housing and transport about half of a typical household budget, then worked to keep them low. You will save much more by finding cheap accommodation scoring by clipping coupons. His used Honda and housing costs low – bought a foreclosure with a friend – kept those costs well below that. He lived frugally but not abstemiously, meetingfriends for drinks instead of dinner but also continuous travel and attending concerts and sporting events. He kept costs as low as $32,000 a year, what did easier to repay the debt.

Enrich themselves, destroying the debt

But pay debt was their only goal. It was also looking to create wealth, and understood that time was on his side, means that soon that could invest, how much more time the money would have to grow.Signed up immediately to a 401 (k) at work, first saving 12 percent of his salary, then 16 percent. He exactly did not attack methodically its debt. It would sometimes pay the minimum, preferring to invest. But then that “he got tired of having the debt” and focused on paid. So, two years and 10 months after he graduated from College, he paid the $81,000.

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Floating school proves that even natural disasters should not deprive children of education

Worldwide, 57 million children are deprived of education for a myriad of reasons inexorable. But a school that floats in the water showed that innovation can tackle almost any obstacle that stands in the way of learning.

Thursday marked the 25 anniversary of the Convention on the rights of the child, which has established the precedent that children are human beings deserving of innate rights. To continue to make progress for the worlds most vulnerable citizens, UNICEF and other aid organizations are encouraging innovators to develop creative solutions.–as did nonprofit Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha–to make sure children get access to resources that password resetter need to thrive.

Poverty, war, and cultural clashes are just some of the main questions that keep children out of the classroom. But in Bangladesh, is the incessant rain.

During the monsoon season, a third of the country’s floods as continuous rain causes rivers to swell and overflow on Earth. In some areas, roads are impassable from July to October, when rivers rise as high as 12 feet, according to the New York Times.

With the monsoon season comes the inevitable school closures.

In 2007, more than 4,000 schools closed at some point because of flooding, according to IRIN news.

But some of the worst-affected areas were ever aware of having a school because Governments and NGOs are reluctant to get involved in that difficult to reach areas.

But where most aid groups are disinclined to go Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha where focuses its efforts.

In 1998, armed with only $ 500 of his own money, school bag Mohammed Rezwan founded the floating school to put an end to the injustice.

Rolando had grown in the Northwest where his school would be closed for months at a time, he said IRIN News in 2008.

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The Fed acknowledged only its too big for the political prison

WASHINGTON – the federal Government until recently little protected large banks from prosecution by concern that sentences can damage the financial system, a senior official of the Federal Reserve, said on Friday, explicitly recognizing policy denied for a long time by the Obama administration.

The admission came during a tense exchange between William Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve of New York and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) at a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee to explore the relationship between federal regulators and the banks that oversee cozy.

Until may, major financial institutions investigated by irregularities had dodged criminal under the Obama administration, despite evidence of federal regulators and prosecutors showing that big banks had, for example, launder money from alleged terrorist and cartels; manipulate the benchmark interest rate; Fixed several commodity markets; mislead investors in mortgage-related securities; duped homeowners in expensive mortgages; manipulate the municipal debt markets; and the bankrupt and federal rules when sistema ganar lotera comes to seize homes when borrowers fell behind on their payments, a scandal that came to be known as “robosigning”.

Both Republican and democratic legislators have suspected for some time that federal prosecutors seek not guilty because ganar sistema lotera feared the consequences – a potential disintegration of a giant Bank – would endanger the world economy.Attorney General Eric Holder suggested that sistema ganar lotera was the case in March 2013, but quickly walking reviews after a public outcry.

It was not until May that years of persistent criticism eventually gave pass to a plea of guilty by Credit Suisse, the Swiss Bank giant, allegations helped thousands of Americans hide their wealth to evade taxes of the United States.

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Hiking beyond Facebook and Xbox

By Alden Boldt

After reading only the first lines, I found exactly what I needed to defeat Obama. Yes, I’d clobber the candidate that my parents supported. Sprawled on my beanbag in the corner of my room, I opened my laptop, skipped Facebook and rushed to my new first stop –The Week. There silent sales machine was, the headline: “Fast and Furious.”

Within minutes, I enter my AP US Government class as Romney, with a question that will stump the Obama camp. “You lose thousands of weapons to the Mexican cartel! Explain that, Mr President.”

All I see are blank, unprepared faces from Team Obama after I share the details from the article about the administration’s botched effort on the Mexican border. There are not any surprises from the Obama camp; its ammunition failing to go beyond class discussions. Voters (students outside the class) declare Romney the winner.

Initially, being assigned to the Romney camp in the mock election me horrified. I fell in love with my new life of boarding school, and the teacher engaging in my Government class was one of the reasons why. But now I was confronted with a new challenge: fight your beliefs and engage prospects for the right wing in a school with a large population of Liberals. I love the challenge and discover a new craze – political.

Before the election, I wouldn’t have looked beyond my distaste for the GOP. Machine silent sales would be little likely to find me in my room, with view on Facebook and my Xbox, are looking for a word of Mitt Romney at a rally in Iowa. “Corporations are people”, said, defend reductions in taxes for the rich. I’ve cringed. I think actually that the cuts should go to the poor to stimulate the economy, allowing those who have less money to buy things silent sales machine need and have been without.However, now I was on another team, and my competitive packaging as an athlete transferred to my passion to politics. I kissed the ideas of Romney at the moment.

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