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Hubble Telescope Study Reveals Evidence Of Bias Against Women Astronomers

Research shows that sexism remains a problem for women scientists here on Earth, and a disturbing new study suggests it may also exist in space – at least as high as the orbit of the space telescope Hubble (HST).

The study shows that women astronomers are less likely than their male counterparts to be the time of compliance issued on Hubble, Scientific American reported.

Carried out internally by the Baltimore Space Telescope Science Institute basis – which oversees the operations of the telescope – the study involves an analysis of data from the last 11 cycles during which the proposals of astronomers have been selected or rejected. He showed that with female proposals ‘principal investigators’ (PIs) were much less likely to win approval were with worse male proposals.

Specifically, what explains the disparity?

Dr.Meg Urry, Professor of physics and astronomy at Yale University and a former head of the Commission, which considered the proposals of the Hubble, said The Huffington Post in an e-mail that if it was possible that the proposals submitted by PIs women were of inferior quality, it is much more likely that the proposals of women were rejected more frequently because ‘subtle bias’ against women exists in the review process.

“First of all, HST proposals are written by teams of men and women, each of them contributes to the proposal and it provides a good,” told The Huffington Post. “Therefore the only PI does not have as much impact on the quality of the proposal. More important still, prejudices against women in stem and other male-dominated occupations have been observed in hundreds, perhaps thousands of experiences of social sciences. It would be very unusual if somewhere, astronomers were immunized against bias widely shared by men and women in the United States.”

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Blue Man Group Unbox Their iPhone 6 In True Blue Man Manner

As the Blue Man Group is a pre-release iPhone 6 Sept. 9 was, there was only one thing for them to do: unbox it with power tools and play-DOH. Obvious.

Watch the video above, their ridiculous attempts to unveil the phone. It’s not quite as smoothly as their perfectly-choreographed shows, but it has just the right amount of character and humor.

The iPhone 6 hit stores Friday, so I hope you have sell more luck at the unboxing!