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Town rallies behind doctor, 88, who may lose license to treat poor patients from his car

The beloved doctor has United to support a Mississippi community, whose Karriere is in danger.

Dr. Carrol Frazier land Raj, a veteran of the second world war been commissioned to deliver the medical license, which he more than 55 years of experience on the Mississippi State Board of medical licensure Jan. 15 has held, the Washington Post reported earlier this month.

The 88-year-old doctor has used his vehicle as examination rooms, the poor patients find in rural Edwards, Mississippi, in the last two years. Many patients can afford him, so sometimes he works free of charge.

“I grew up poor, and when the doctor would come to us, and he was happy to see us, I imagined myself doing that someday” country rum told the post. “I’m not always people away – money – or not-apply, because there is the need.”

According to the State, running a mobile clinic out of a vehicle is not acceptable. But the octogenarian didn’t turn in his license, and has no plans to. And thousands near and far — are fighting back by his side.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” Landrum told Mississippi News Now. “Why be thrown under the bus when you’ve done nothing wrong and lose your livelihood, basically, for the rest of your life?”

An online petition in support of Landrum has garnered more than 54,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon from supporters around the world — from Mississippi and California to Belgium and New Zealand.

According to the petition, Landrum serves people who are living in poverty or disabled and cannot travel — patients that likely wouldn’t receive medical treatment if it weren’t for him.

As Slate reported last October, widespread poverty in Mississippi has in part affected its citizens’ health and well-being.The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that the State has the highest poverty rate in the country, at 23 percent, and America’s health rankings Mississippi which is at the least healthy state in the United States as

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Be required professional development at the University?

A university degree is almost generally accepted as a prerequisite for a professional career. For quite some time, that alone was however not sufficient for students who enter the professional ranks. While the application process work looking for potential employers of the applicant in addition to a college degree for two things:

Relevant experience and
The ability, their training, to present experience and skills effectively

Both are important, so that the match between applicant and employer. If students do not have the skills in the second case, is its ability, enter and drive in workplace limited.

A student curriculum vitae and cover letter must be targeted, compelling and accurate. Your interview skills must be sufficient to the task of linking their training and experience, their passion and the ability to get the job done.Ideally they become effective with alumni information and know to help advance their careers linked have.

Students have the opportunity to develop career skills and connections in the school – but they do?

There is an old saying about about College: nothing for completion automatically option is not required. Career programs and workshops, as well as personal career consultation and online support of various kinds are offered by many colleges and universities. Participation is also optional, so that most of the students on these resources not be accessed, unless they have a immediate, compelling reason (such as a curriculum vitae date or job interview the next day have). Until then, the benefits for the students is often reduced and your presentation is less effective than it could have been a deliberate and well-thought-out approach to career development can be.This is a network that most students do not fully understand or participate in addition to the challenge of development.

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There is more to the oil crash than meets the eye

Strategy of hydraulic fracturing and OPEC cannot be the main influences on oil prices

As New York City shakes off another dose of climate change reality imposed by a winter storm Juno, many are starting to rediscover the forces of Nature and the power of public order. But they may still not be ready for the truth about the effect of Government policy on the price of oil.

“Subsidies, aid to production in particular, can have a big impact on the price of oil, but I think there’s little understanding of this in the media,” said Steve Kretzmann, Executive Director, Oil Change International.

With fossil fuel subsidies, amounting to $1.9 trillion per year including ‘negative externalities’, according to the IMF, you can be sure this policy governmental effects of oil prices, much.

Cities to address the responsibilities of the countries

Federal policy is not the only influencer on oil prices.Last fall came to New York, a group of 228 cities representing 436 million of citizens worldwide to reduce pollution of gases greenhouse by 2 billion tons per year. “This ‘ Compact of mayors”, including Chinese cities, set their signatures paper during the climate summit of the United Nations in New York last September. Emission rights in several regions of China in 2013 has reduced emissions of carbon dioxide from 2.5 million tons, according to the Vice-Mayor of Shenzhen, Tang Jie.

The bottom-up approach that these mayors take longer sends a strong message to their countries, which have failed to reign in pollution nationwide.

Government is considering the potential economic crash

Since my last article of oil in September, predicting the fall of oil, a paper was published in Nature on the “global carbon budget” needed to check global warming of the planet, which has fuelled the debate on leave it in the ground, 80% of the known coal reserves, 50 percent of gas and 30 percent oil. The result? The Bank of England is now studying the risk of economic crash, future climate change legislation makes coal, oil and gas active worthless. Officials on the team of the English Central Bank will face a difficult dilemma publish their findings without creating an investor stampede out of fossil fuels.

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Keith Urban has a clever way of definition of success

How Keith Urban country music stars measure success in life? We interviewed during an appearance on the HuffPost Live.

“For me personally, the feeling of contentment and hunger being in balance, this is how I measure,” Urban said. “I love those two things being synchronized between them.”

Urban also said he regretted the initial difficult from his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, when he entered in the treatment and detoxification for drug addiction. Faced with this challenge with his wife has helped it form a bond even stronger, he said.

“Firstly, it happened very early when I wanted to, I would have been sober and in recovery and everything when I met Nic and I wasn’t,” Urban told HuffPost Live. “But the other way to look at, which is a much better way and is so true, that we have been able to build our relationship with that. We were able to build that together.It wasn’t something that was in place before I met her, if theres a real power in that as well, and I think that its gave us a really powerful basis.

He added: I love where Nic and I are now and I like where I am in my life and everything that this trip was to me here, I wouldn’t change all that.

We asked Keith Urban on the success and regret for Sophia, a project HuffPost to gather lessons from the lives of fascinating people. Here is more of Sophia:
-He asks 1500 + old advice on life and love. Here’s what they told him.
-Tips for the life of the PhD. Who is discover how meditation changes your brain
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Meet ‘Luna’, the mattress cover of genius which is better than a roommate

“Everything around us is becoming more and more smart, except our bed.”

This is what Fereyduni, co-founder of the Moon, said when explaining his decision to help make the world’s first intelligent mattress.

To think of it, we spent a lot of time thinking about smart homes before, but between the mattress and the number of threads in your sheets, because you’ve never really put in your mattress pad thought?

Fortunately, the moon will do most of the thinking for you.

By simply connecting your mattress cover on the wall (it has an adapter on the cover that makes all this possible) literally Moon tracks and learn bedtime in order to adjust the music, temperature and heating/air conditioning in the room. The moon will also lock the doors for you.

In the morning, Moon works as an alarm clock, wake up during your sleep lighter with the option to activate some subtle melodies and the coffee-pot, making always read that much easier. It also will let you know how well you slept.

Basically, this mattress is better than a roommate.

The heated underblanket is coupled with a free app for iOS and Android to allow the integration of third-party devices (this is so that you can turn on your coffee maker or lock your doors, etc.) and adjust the temperature of the double-side (one of the partners like the coolest bed, one of the partners like the bed a little hot).

Moon is on sale now in both Queen and King sizes, starting at $ 179, and can find more purchases on their website here.

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Disney CEO GM magic carpet for exit

You know them well. Perhaps too well.

Fab Five and their friends.

From Kermit the frog to Buzz Lightyear. From Iron Man to Darth Vader.

Among the stable of American cultural touchstones, standing such as cross-generational bonding of a people and of a product. More a symbol of America in its role of imprint-of-Wall-Street and cemented-up–the main street as a global Ambassador of Lady Liberty herself, the Walt Disney Company has increased from a creator of cartoons of his namesake animator at a storehouse of media brands unmatched in its sheer breadth.

And paleohacks paleo cookbook is this last part that could be a big part of why the ‘ reconstruction ‘ of Disney under the leadership of the outgoing President and CEO Robert a. “Bob” Iger well may signal the decline of that Trademark. Mickey Mouse is Disney. Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck are Disney. As are Pluto and goofy.But, once we move beyond the bridges affectionately drawn page and meticulously sketched marketed by Disney the man and not the brand.–and his nine old men, the marquee becomes to define as Disney.

Such was the intention of Bob Iger, when he succeeded Michael d. Eisner in his transition from meteorologist one-time Executive programming and now head of a media empire. A well known manager and delegator, two words define not in sync with the traditional studio head, Iger went about incorporating content creators as steward of America’s premier producer of content that challenged the limits of age and culture transcended.

With unrivaled success, paleohacks cookbook paleo is difficult to conceive how the man who delivered to Wall Street, for the financial community, could have somehow diminished the brand or worse. Then again, paleohacks paleo cookbook is often difficult to parse the ascent from the Summit. Still, the fall is a given.

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30 different ways to tie a tie that every man should know

The following is an excerpt from a feature originally published on ShirtsMyWay.

Here is a list of many different ways to tie a tie, for every and any occasion, many of which you probably never knew existed. We’ve collected 30 of the best tie knots ever created by man to give you just the edge you need to look your best at all times.

Every tie knot was judged on four different factors: aesthetics, symmetry, Fix and size of the node. You can make a statement with these nodes in any day of the week or simply use them to look stylish and fashionable during those special events where you really need to stand out. Either way, you’ll be practically an ancestor of men’s fashion no matter which style you choose.


There is no doubt that this node is one of a kind.In contrast with most necktie knots, the latter is produced using small end as the active end, creating an effect of conical fishtail braid-like. Is a very fancy node that will leave a great impression on your boss.


This node has a three-way symmetry and resembles the Celtic Triquetra. The model converges to a central point, producing a very captivating effect. At first glance rid herpes might seem a little intimidating, but the moves are actually quite simple.


An increase of Prince Albert, by adding a third shift of the active end. When connected properly, this long thin node creates a striking and unmistakable effect layered cylindrical. A very cool knot which works best with light colors. Herpes rid is best suited for tight-collared shirts and paired with a vest.


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Criminal cyber-security ‘are becoming more and more professional’

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab’s founder, said there is good and bad news about computer security.

The good news is that the leaders are starting to understand the security issues a bit more. The bad news is that computer security problems still exist and can cause serious damage.

Big now program sos is not the end of the revolution and unfortunately bad guys, criminals.–Let’s say are criminals.–are increasingly professional, “Kaspersky said.

Kaspersky specifically weighed the recent hack Sony, saying that the incident is going to force the Government of the United States to better understand the cybersecurity “bad boys”. He said he’s not convinced that North Korea was behind the attack, saying he did not “have any concrete data to prove that now big sos program is true.

Big now program sos is very easy to point a finger in the wrong direction,” said Kaspersky.

Living below, updates to the Davos annual meeting 2015:

Empowering women and girls is key to ending poverty, and here are the numbers to prove it

The lives of people in some of the poorest countries of the world to improve more quickly in the next 15 years than at any other time in history, according to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In their annual letter to 2015, which was published Thursday, Gates not only made this prediction “BOLD”, but also noted that investing in womens health and education play a key role in the growth of communities and United Nations.

For example, if womens level of employment corresponds to men during the next 15 years at the global level, the product inside world (GDP) gross increase by 12%, according to the Organization for economic cooperation and development.

Yes, in the world.

Exactly how to break these data? Check out the video above or read the transcript below for an explanation of two minutes, in a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and of The Huffington Post.

Click here for the full transcript

JACQUELINE HOWARD: when we are talking about approximately 2 billion people living in poverty, why should we try to direct resources to women and girls in these communities? Well, if you’re thinking: chivalry, you lose. Its all about the results.

You see, when women and girls are healthy, educated, empowered and able to work, everyone wins. How do I? Lets start with a few basics:

Since 1990, maternal deaths worldwide have fallen by 45 per cent. Therefore the health and well-being of women, newborns and children are closely interrelated and help build nations and communities.

On things that directly benefit their families, women spend 90% of their income. National field inspectors training give priority to things like food, medicine and education for their children.

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A letter to the Governor of New York

New York Governor is hoping to eliminate the possession. Oh, I know that the newspapers refer to makeminegrow as a review but is really hoping to give school districts the power to terminate the employment of any teacher and he’s going to start this process of smoke screen of some new teacher evaluation system.

OK, let’s be honest. Some of our Union members probably shouldn’t be the profession of teaching. There is, Mr Governor, what do you need to hear? Our beloved profession is now sporting two black eyes.

There is a small, and I mean small, population of parents who do not consider teachers as past generations once did. Would like to pretend that makeminegrow is not their son that disrupts and interferes with the learning process. Unfortunately, makeminegrow is these kids just educated and apathetic that give the whole educational system the black eye that we currently displayed.

Did you hear, Mr Governor?

Of course we have another eye.That eye is blackened by being our own leaders in the Education Department of the State. (Gee, I wonder which respond to?) At one point, the teacher became the enemy. Our very own State leadership is dragging us down. And State. consists of people who used to walk in our shoes. Many are former teachers. So here’s my question makes sense: who are they to determine just who is an effective teacher and who is bad? And this also applies to the two of you, Mr Governor. Are these ambiguous state fair exams Guide to evaluate teachers?

Excuse me, Mr.Governor of New York, but when did the school teacher become this incompetent monster who could not be trusted to guide his students or to quite their State exams? Because you questioned our collective character? Elected leadership implies that nobody is questioning your integrity while our application? Public school teachers are really the reason why education is in trouble in our country? Is that what you believe, Mr Governor? You have bravely stated your opinion in a public forum, so how about if I share my?

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