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Sam King, Vice President, strategy and business development, Veracode

Sam King is Executive Vice President of strategy and corporate development at Veracode. In this role, Ms. King oversees the management of product, presales, corporate development, M & A engineering activities and creation of strategic technology alliances. Ms. King is a renowned speaker at industry events including RSA, Gartner and InfoSecurity. High Tech as a woman Watch, an award that honors the contributions of women in technology and life sciences was recognized by mass.
He joined VeriSign Veracode, formerly Guardent, where directed the development of the security as a service offerings and management products, professional services, product marketing and customer out relationship management responsibilities. Prior to VeriSign, Ms. King served as director of the program of i-cube/Razorfish.

Ms. King received her master’s degree in science and engineering in computer science and Sciences of the University of Pennsylvania information.She received her Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, where he received the prestigious Charles Babbage Prize, awarded to the student with the highest academic performance in the graduating class.
Ms. King serves as a mentor for the Boston product management association and is an Executive Member of the Group mothers in her village. He loves to travel and enjoys rock climbing and yoga.

How the experience of your life you did the leader today?
The change has been a constant in my life. I grew up in India with work from my parents that need to move frequently. I found a new school every two years with a different social and academic environment to adjust. Later, he won my BA in Scotland, moved to Philadelphia for my postgraduate studies and moved again to my first job in Cambridge, MA. At the beginning of my career I was a consultant and worked with clients in different sectors, different countries, each one trying to solve a different set of problems. I have learned to accept the change in all its richness. He taught me to value diversity. Continually pushed me outside my comfort zone. Me di account if you can cope with the change in a way that helps you to grow, then you can bring to others through it. It also gave me the confidence to be an agent of change and alter the status quo when that is what is needed. I think it is an important quality for a leader particularly in the environment at the pace fast today.

Joe Pati tells graduates of the Faculty of New York law

Businessman Joe Plumeri, who currently serves as vice President of first data’s Board of Directors, gave the commencement address at the school of law in New York on Tuesday. Dropped out of law school in New York in the 1960s to pursue a job on Wall Street, but received an honorary degree this week.

In his speech, Plumeri said energetic graduates need commitment, purpose and vision in order to succeed. He encouraged graduates to engage fully in whatever they wanted to do, using the analogy that the Vikings burned their ships when they landed in a place that wanted to win. But aimless, said Plumeri, fail.

“The aim must be genuine concern for what you do and the people who you do it for,” he said.

Plumeri said the graduates to “go play in traffic” to find their vision.

“Now youre saying: ‘ what is wrong with the guy? He wants go get hit by a car! ‘ ” Plumeri said. “That is not what I want to do.What I want to do is engage “.

He also explained that “playing in traffic” is all about going out there and explore your vision, making blunders and take risks.

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5 tips healthy barbecue for your best holiday roast even

Time to dust from this backyard Grill – it’s officially barbecue season!

With this sweet summer weather in tow there is nothing better than collect your favorite group of friends in the free and indulge in some serious savory eats. All these smoky plates can come with a high caloric price, but there are amazingly easy ways to keep this number in check without on taste.

Watch these five healthy, cooking tips, which keep happy and healthy audience your weekend barbeque party.

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Poor children are just Pound nails

I spend at least several hours any reading of the week on the conflict on education reform. It is also fascinating that it is important. The forces accumulated on each side are growing in size and ferocity, and much of the rhetoric is heated. I confess that my own rhetoric is pretty hot.

Despite my and other critics, I guess many reformers are doing what they think is just or, unfortunately, what they think is necessary. Many critics accused the reformers to be in for the money. There are surely plenty of collateral to make profits. Hundreds of tech entrepreneurs capitalizing on the reform; creating applications of core, test material prep, common core curriculum, services, tutoring or other programs designed to capture a market share $700 billion. Great Charter management organizations do not work for the Betterment of humanity. Much money is spent on education reform, and it is rewarding to some people, to be sure.

But what about Bill and Melinda Gates, Eli Broad, family members Walton or other extremely rich people who are the real forces behind the education reform? When assessing the funding puzzle interlocking parts, as Mercedes Schneider has done so well in his book, Chronicle of Echoes: who is who in the Implosion of American Public education, it is clear that the reform movement would be relatively toothless without their support. But there is no reasonable evidence to support the idea that these and other rich people engage in this work to take advantage.

So what moves them? They claim to do the job, because they want to help lift poor children of poverty and give them a loophole schools fails. I have no right to doubt the sincerity of this motif. (Unfortunately, this feeling was not returned in kind.The reform of education people got very angry with me, characterize me – accurately – as the head of an expensive, private school as well, implying that I’m excluded from the debate. I could argue my position at the head of a private school provides immunity against accusations of self-interest. God knows I have nothing to gain. I also have nothing to lose.)

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Marilyn Johnson, CEO, international women’s Forum

Marilyn Johnson, senior strategist marketing and Director of business development, has joined the International Forum of women as CEO, after a 35 year career with IBM. Ms. Johnson retires as IBM Vice President of the development of market based in Armonk, New York. As a precedent, Ms. Johnson led an organization responsible for strategy IBM and marketing, businesses owned or operated by Asians, blacks, Hispanics, native Americans and women in the Americas. In 2005, it has expanded its mission to include women-owned and market share of enterprises run by women in certain markets around the globe, expanding IBM significantly. She has held leadership positions in the major centres of IBM profit and had management and operational responsibility in North America, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. With professional experience in education, broadcasting, company marketing, development and sales, Ms.Johnson career trajectory reflects a deep understanding of the major industries and sectors that exist within the composition of the International Forum of women.

At the beginning of her career, she was an elementary school educator and a television personality, news and weather. A graduate of the University of John Marshall, his advanced degrees are in education, and she attended the Harvard Business School Strategic Leadership Forum representative Finance sector Marketing for IBM.

She has held positions at the Executive Council of the Council of better business bureaus and the boards of Directors of the Scholarship Foundation American Asian Pacific Islander, the National Council of Negro Women and American Airlines Marketing Advisory Council. It was applauded for his active involvement in mentoring and mentoring of women in various career paths. Ms. Johnson has been a speaker at many professional organizations and universities around the world, including The World Conference on diversity in the city of Prague, Czech Republic; the Executive women Black round table hosted by the Mayor of Paris, France. B.I.G. (black in the Government), Washington, D.C.; AWAKE in Mysore, India; Women leaders in Canberra, Australia; and the world Organization for Leadership and diversity (gold) in Tokyo. In recognition of its many business and professional achievements, Ms.

Math is a tool to understand our world – it should work for all students

In latest national math assessments, only 20 percent of eighth-graders from low-income families were skilled in math appropriate for their grade level. That means millions of children is not a path to access the opportunities of work and life that require a solid foundation in mathematics, or learn unique ways math can expand our critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Teach For America, we believe that all students deserve access to many mathematics can open for them, from a Bachelor’s degree in computer science to the creation of the necessary technology for the ultimate home entertainment experience. Math is a tool for understanding the world-one that should work for all students in all communities.

That’s why we’re proud to be working in partnership with DIRECTV to expand access to excellent mathematics instruction for students in high-need communities and develop resources that can inspire students to love mathematics.Next year we’ll be recruiting, training and supporting the new mathematics educators in classrooms across the country. And in California, Colorado, Oklahoma and hosts a number of events MATHx, where educators and leaders in science, technology, engineering and math industries (STEM) will share their stories of innovation exploration, exciting and successful trends in mathematics education.

Give students a strong foundation in mathematics helps us navigate our complex world-and understand their role in it. We are encouraged that in classrooms across the country, innovative uses for mathematics teachers allow their students.

In Houston, Texas, Dale Davis has taught his students about geometry congruent triangles using simple mock-up of levees that protect New Orleans.His students were able to apply successfully the third angle theorem, but equally important, they developed the mastery of a concept of mathematics as a means to understand Hurricane Katrina and its disproportionate impact on people of color. Simo isn’t giving its students a litany of problems from the textbook and expects his students to love math accordingly. Instead, she is showing them that mathematics can be found everywhere, and you are starting to use it as a tool for analyzing your own lived experience in Northeast Houston.

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Just because what it does not mean that it is the uppercase “T” truth

One of my clients said during a recent session, that really caught my eye. He told me that he was away from his routine sure to find, what needs to be done to get what he needs to have.

Instead, he said, he began to provide new, more sophisticated experiences in his life. Even if it was sometimes weird, it felt too how he really began to live.

Handle the fear feelings, not against you

For most of us can try something new cause intense physical feelings. Our heart rate is faster, and our breathing is shallow. We often associate these sensations with anxiety and fear.

These feelings are uncomfortable, so we tend to resist them. To do stop, if you are from a place of resistance the best, take a deep breath and say: “only feelings are and I can do it.”

Scary and intense go hand in hand with voltage

Before our cooperation my client told me he always found out, that he might be scared or happy. One or the other, but not both.

If we begin to interpret these unpleasant physical sensations, as excitement rather than fear we recognize that fear and happiness are actually quite compatible.

Due to our cooperation, my client was beginning to understand that his luck feel dependent on was not anxious.

Their feelings are a selection

It’s too easy, located on the primary emotion, we could to a certain Zeitpunkt–sadness, fear, anger –feel and see this as the ‘truth’. But we have a choice when it comes to experience our emotions.

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning-bad-tempered. You could say to yourself: “I can’t believe that I’m grumpy again! I’m always grumpy.This is just who I am, “and the feeling to wear throughout the day with you.

Or you could say “I’m grumpy. Let’s look at me.” Wondering if you are meaning on the fact that you’re projecting in a bad mood at this moment.

Senate Democrats Slam Arne Duncan Over “business as usual” treatment of the controversial entrepreneur

Last may, after the Department of Justice has charged one of its subcontractors of intentionally cheating of troops from active-duty on their federal loans, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asked if Navient Corp. would lose his lucrative contract. He said that every option is on the table.

But seven Democratic senators, Duncans shares since then – quietly extend the contract of Navient, sending the company accounts more and increase his salary – suggest that the only option on the table was business as usual.

We are deeply concerned that Navient could have cheated to our military families and broke the law, and yet somehow continue to enjoy our borrowers and our taxpayers, the legislator said in a letter dated Tuesday. The other federal watchdogs have done their job, and it is high time for you to do yours.

Suddenly the letter was signed by the senses.Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey Massachusetts, Durbin of Illinois, Al Franken of Minnesota and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.

Senate rebuke, made public Thursday, ratchets upward a long-simmering fight between Duncan, an old friend of president Barack Obama that focuses on K-12 education issues and a contingent of prominent legislators democratic reputation to fight on behalf of consumers. Within the party bickering comes as American student debt is almost $1.3 trillion, defects show no signs of slowing, and federal decision makers more worry this risk of outstanding loans student slowing economic growth.

While the Department of the Treasury, the White House and the Office of financial Consumer Protection seem eager to clean up a student ready market that leaves borrowers vulnerable to abuse, his detractors Duncans Education Department is missing in the fighting.

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Don ‘ TS and mercury retrograde two

There is one golden rule when it comes to Mercury retrograde steps. Curiously, is grammar. If you can make this simple principle to memory then you will find that the mercury retrograde cycles are not only easier to navigate, but also full of potential for growth and personal development.

First class? Here is the rule. I remember in grade school when he learned about the prefix “re”? Well, a prefix is placed before the root of a Word and the meaning “new”. All you need to remember is that during each cycle of mercury retrograde, if you’re doing something that starts with “re” how to reassess, review, revise, reconnect, redo, remember, well, cool, you’re right on track. If you’re not then stop immediately or suffer from migraine mercury retrograde!

This is a top list of dos and don’ts that will help you navigate the confusion around any Mercury retrograde phase:

Do not start. Finish what you started.
No matter how fantastic it can be the new plan, hold off the launch while mercury is trekking backwards. There is a high probability that you’re missing crucial information or that whatever step to others is not going to sound as phenomenal as their choice. Use of retrograde Mercury as a time to take stock of what you’ve already got going and do your best to Polish and refine existing projects.

Certainly this is true for writing projects (and mercury retrograde is a perfect time to edit and revise the work). However, it also applies to all areas of your life, work, money and relationships. Usually, it is best not to start a new job, getting married or starting a new financial chapter in your life now. Polish your resume, schedule your wedding or search investments instead.

Don’t buy big ticket. Comparison shop.
You should not purchase any big ticket item like a car, computer, equipment or even a piece of jewelry during mercury retrograde for several reasons. First, if you have moving parts or electronics, there is a good chance that there is a glitch. Repairs are fine (and a perfect prefix) on existing equipment. but no one should have to fix a brand new item! In addition, during mercury retrograde you might not get the best deal if you point to to buy. If you can wait for your article, it will be wiser to shop after mercury is directed to.

The pitfalls of Community College placement tests

Diane Ravitch, in his recent post on international math tests, raises concerns that standardized tests will damage the quality of education and restrict the intellectual growth of young people. What worries me is how they can unfairly deny opportunities to students.

In theory, some educational tests are supposed to serve as dipsticks, directors of schools in the strengthening of education in order to improve the learning of students and teachers. It is the argument of a new system of exams, aligned on the common basic standards State.

In practice, however, the tests too often serve to deny students access to education. My new report published by the policy analysis for California and LearningWorks education to remedial math Community College placement exams highlights a troubling example.

The majority of community college students – in California, estimates run as high that 85 percent – is required to take remedial math courses.In general, this is a result of notes to students on a one hour placement test that many students are not aware of until the day wherever they take it.

Study after study has shown that these tests tend to place under a large number of students, and that high school records can predict more accurately the chances for success in college-level courses. However, only a handful of colleges have started to use records high school students’ instead of or in addition to results of placement tests.

For example, a recent analysis revealed in my report concluded that, in the only California, up to 50 000 high school graduates who have succeeded in algebra 2, considered the extent of the preparation of the College in mathematics, are invited to repeat the course, if several cover K-12 material, based on their placement test results. Some capable students for success in college-level mathematics courses will eventually be assigned to four remedial courses, the lowest in arithmetic.

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