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Trade unions say they will sue Christie again about pension payments

New on fourteen unions representing public sector employees State announced Tuesday that they intend to sue Republican Governor Chris Christie, should contributions to the pension funds of State employees.

The threat of an additional lawsuit adds to the intrigue surrounding the draft budget that Christie made the week last in the fiscal year that begins July 1. Christie has used much of his speech to restate the case he made for the years – benefits pension and health insurance for employees of the Government are too costly and will continue to drag down spending on schools and other priorities and tax cutting almost impossible.

Unions also continued Christie on his contribution discounts for budget budget in 2014 and 2015.

Christie has cut the two year after a surprise State deficit.

A judge ruled that even if the State was legally required to make a greater contribution in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2014, it would leave it stalled because of the emergency budget.

But the same jurist, Judge Mary Jacobson, ruled last week that Christie and lawmakers must repair on a payment by 2015 for a total of about $ 2.25 billion–nearly $1.6 billion more than what is included in the State’s spending plan for the current fiscal year. She said legislation 2011 signed by Christie gave the pension contributions of the ramp-down up the strength of the markets. Office of the Attorney general of the State, who argued on behalf of the Governor, was in the unusual position of arguing that he has signed a law, was unconstitutional.

Christie Administration plans to appeal the decision.Christie, who is preparing for a possible presidential run in 2016, denounced the decision and not public a is it intended for how he would handle it if he prevails on appeal.

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Students of the New – Mexico Out Walk on new Tests disputed United States

ALBUQUERQUE, nm (AP) – frustrated students during a new standardized test came out schools across the New Mexico in protest Monday that the reconsideration was granted.

The game came as millions of American students began to take more rigorous examinations with common core standards. Many parents and students across the country have ruled out examinations. Others make pressure on legislators and officials of education for change.

The test measures the performance of students and can be used in the evaluation of the teacher. Opponents say the tests would distract from real learning, put additional stress on the students and staff and waste of resources, especially in poor neighbourhoods.

Hundreds of Albuquerque high school students defy warnings by administrators that adolescents would not graduate and might face discipline after the disengagement.

Students took to the sidewalks near the school with signs and chanted as supporters honked their horns.

Julie Guevara, 16, said students are tired of testing and think it is depriving them of their overall education.

“We hope the Governor is listening to us and done something about it”, said Guevara. “We are not to go away and plan to do it again until analyses are performed.”.

Office of the Governor Susana Martinez did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

The walkouts and protests began last week in Santa Fe, and then continued to Carlsbad Friday.

Students from several schools in Las Cruces joined the movement Monday by walking out of class. Some signs adopted read more education, less stable,”and”out of the gate with the common trunk.

New Mexico schools administered tests known as the partnership for the assessment of readiness for College and careers.The test, making its debut this year in 11 other States, is a new generation of tests aligned with the core curriculum – standards adopted by 43 States that highlight the mathematical skills and language students must master in each category.

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Answers to ‘This’ ask!

Would you like to know when you meet your soul mate?

You want to know when is the right time, change your job or leave it to make your dreams come true?

Maybe when to start a family or moving or changing things for the better?

I will answer it all for you!

You meet your soul mate at the moment, you should they meet most likely, if you not not so desperate his look, and if you happen. not expect it so busy life get and wait to stop.

You expect hold the best and you visualize and write down what qualities are you looking for your soul mate, but not even crazy ride, get off and something to do constructive or fun, who knows you in they can find!

You can change or your job at leaving, when you take the required measures. This is completely in the control.Yes, even if you have to pay mortgage or rent to pay, if you badly want enough can it and make it possible, if it is, what should happen.

When is the right time to start a family? What is the right time? If you are seriously considering having children, what is the difference between three and twelve months for example? My point is, can and will happen it all, if it happens, if it is, what should happen! Sometimes medical topics does not allow you to have a family, of course, and not at all, sometimes admitted but I’m talking about your choice, when to start.

When is the right time move, or do I get to move? Anytime is the right time, and wherever you choose, the place is. You can let something happen.

When are going to change things for the better? If you will decide. If you the action and the choice!

Visualize, think, result in action to implement.

It works everything out, even if this is not the case, it only think to stop non-life or stop, decisions or measures. because of the fear of taking never give up!

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6 big misconceptions people have about personal branding online

During lunch last week, I was talking about a recent company in-house seminar I had done on personal branding online. As I watched from my chicken salad, I could see the surprise on my friend’s face. He did not understand. Is not entirely convinced that there is a need by paying attention to how he shows up digitally. He equates with waste of time. Bucket bag also found that any company would want to help their employees improve themselves amazing digital.

I explained that smart companies do it. Bucket bags understand that online profiles are for much more than simply search for your next job. Smart companies realize that these profiles are a reflection of their own personal and indirect reflection of the company. Bucket bag see that a workforce that understands how to use to their advantage of social networking can also serve as brand ambassadors for the company.

My friend’s reaction is not uncommon. And let’s face it-not all companies are smart.Although the importance of having a good digital profile is more easily accepted and acknowledged there is still a lot of mystery surrounding him. With it come many misconceptions. I offer you of what I see as the most common.

Personal Online Branding is not as important as Personal Branding In person. I will never not the value of the interaction of human beings. But your personal brand online has become as important as the offline version. Is always the first impression one gets of you. If you’re not giving thought to how you show up online, can never have the opportunity to shore up your stuff in person.

No one is ever going to Google me. Somewhere along the line of Google has become a verb. We have Google Location restaurant, holiday destinations and questions we want answered. Long ago we stopped buying anything for which we have not done an online search to investigate.Yet less than half of us claim to be aware that-as in people-we are searched and only 6% have set up any type of alert to let us know when our name is being mentioned somewhere in cyberspace.

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Can the Middle East put an end to its dependence on cheap oil?

By Tara Shirvani

The recent drop in the price of oil is a possibility an once-in-a-ten years for developing countries to reform its economic structure for the well-being of its population. Cost less than the global fuel price can provide a single channel for countries to carry out reforms of energy grant to develop programs of energy efficiency with a much smaller negative effects on population than the contrary.

But why should we act now? EH well, globally the Middle East region and North Africa (MENA) is now the second region most large consumers of energy in the world, after the Europe and Central Asia and assigns to 6% of the greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions related to the energy of the world (2005). On average, its energy intensity is now 60% higher than that of the OECD countries and 40% above the average of the world. The cost environmental, economic and societal of inaction have already started to significantly affect the inhabitants of the region.The health costs attributable to considerable local air pollution is estimated at about $5.3 billion, equivalent to 1% of gross national income in 2004 or 40 440 deaths per year. Compared with global averages, local emissions are almost 50 percent higher in urban areas led to the world average. This is primarily due to the combustion of fossil for the production, transport and electricity generation.

In the past subsidies on food and fuel has been designed as a way for the share of the oil wealth of the region with its citizens and considered as part of the “social contract” without regarding the effects on local air pollution. However, generalised subsidies are well-targeted or cost-effective as a tool of social protection and did not reach those who most need and instead, mostly benefit the well-to-do who consume more subsidized energy.

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The public schools of New York City teachers need your help

Governor Cuomo has important amendments to the teacher reviews in the State of New York. We want to let know the changes, from the perspective of a teacher, the this law to public schools – and in our profession –could bring, if it happens.

50% of the assessment of a teacher will be based on State test results. (It is currently 20%).
35% of a teacher evaluation based on the results of an outside “independent observers”, who perform a one-time visit, for the lessons. (This has never done before has been.) Currently our principal and Assistant to the Director, has observations 60%).
15% of the score of a teacher will be based on observations the principal or Assistant Principal. Most have exactly the people who best know our work, input in our review.
50% + 35% = 85% our evaluations is in the hands of our community is removed and placed in the hands of the State.

And then with these figures, each teachers rated ineffective two years in a row can be fired. Principals can have to say anything in this.

What could that be for our schools?

Realistically, many of us could be fired.

Every year.

And more of us love much away from the profession we can be pushed.

Here is something that none of the public be made clear. Even in schools where children do well on standardized tests, not many teachers. Teacher reviews is not based on their pupil raw results for the year, but whether their students from one year to the next improved. If a student with a ‘3’ calls to correct a few question in fourth-graders, as they that student has showed not the ‘added value’ in the 3rd, maybe her teacher to have taught. Although ruled the students of this class content.Even if there is only one question.

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10 quotes about the hard but rewarding work of a fusion family

Each week, parents in our Blended family Friday series give us the lowdown on the ups and downs of raising a half-sister.

Along the way, they’ve donated some very wise advice for other parents struggling to come together as a family. Here, we spotlight 10 of graceful things that they said about the blended family life.

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3 things Negative emotions are telling you

We have emotions for a reason. Negative, as anger, provocation, hurt and so on, sports bags is very important to pay attention to because hidden meanings are hidden within them. These emotions are like red lights alerting us that something under the obvious surface has not addressed; So the first step is to recognize the purpose of the emotion gym bags are having and understanding what is really happening.

Sports bags is necessary to realize that calls us to us themselves exactly what we need when we need it to grow our conscience. As they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Each soul incarnates in order to know himself and herself, specifically in the cases when we feel our strength is being tested. Therefore, through your emotions, it is being closer to your true self.Unresolved problems and raw feelings are being revealed on the experience you have at that moment, but you have to be aware and witness of himself almost as an outsider. This is to not judge, but that it is in order to allow greater love in your being and reality. These situations are opportunities to raise your whole life. Emotions are the tools that uses the soul to enlightenment. Listen to what they are really saying!

Consider this: our eyes are not observing our reality, but projecting; Therefore, the thoughts and feelings that we are having inside become manifest on the outside. In other words, the external reality is lined with inside reality; If you are not satisfied in the inside, it will reflect the circumstances of his life, and that will be aligned with what they’re unhappy. Therefore, if you allow the outer part of which it held within you, then you are always victim of circumstances.

When you have a negative emotion, there is a need to develop their observation and taking awareness of being projected in its reality, so you stop and observe! This is a golden opportunity to dissolve negative attachments and once and for all put an end to the cycles of habits, patterns and routines that do not serve the greater good. These emotions are a gift so that you can leverage to achieve a higher vibration.

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Get ready for the spring offensive

As we ended up: Book of promises broken: $ 400 billion broadband scandal and frees network. “

First, congratulations to those who have helped to get the pendulum swing back a bit from the anti-customer, ‘ we’re the phone company ‘. We’ll see how long.

He started the count-down to the end of next week, or once the entire Internet open (Net Neutrality) rules you put out (we only an outline as of this writing), you can expect a banquet of lawyers, a feeding frenzy where cosmetic bags files and files and files.

There were actually two elements that were presented by the FCC:

Allowing you to offer competitive broadband and Internet in areas where cable and phone companies looming don’t deliver the communes.
“Open Internet”, net neutrality rules.

The common front-created a group called the American legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, ‘ legislation ‘ model close common rights and have led the charge and more than 20 States already use this legislation. This legislation is enclosed by (and/or with the assistance of) corporate members of ALEC, which include AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, and then wait for the State’s politicians, most of whom are financed and maintained by these companies (or also received grant money the Foundation to spend in their districts to make them look good).

And this is not new. I wrote about this at least since 2007.

(As we pointed out, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai congratulated ALEC on his ‘ model law ‘ at an event in 2013.)

We expect the ‘ law-suits-a-plenty in every State and federal jurisdictions.Remember, makeup bags have huge amounts of dollars, fake consumer groups of corporate funded Astroturf, reflection-and a series of skunkworks (hidden) networks to co-ordinate these attacks, not to mention tens of thousands of attorneys, anxiously awaiting lobbying (their own and outside firms), all restless at the bit for this race start.

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Social expenditure in innovation research

Benjamin Franklin. Eli Whitney. Robert Fulton. Thomas Edison. Orville and Wilbur Wright. Alexander Graham Bell. George Washington Carver. Henry Ford. Jonas Salk. Charles drew. Virginia Apgar. Steve jobs. Bill Gates. Temple Grandin.

Innovation since its inception the lifeblood of the American economy. When Americans are faced with problems, they renew to find solutions.

In training, we have serious problems, of course and innovation should be the answer. In recent years the Federal Government has supported persistent education the development, evaluation and dissemination of solutions to problems and in the identification, effective reading, mathematics, science and other programs for primary and to real progress be made secondary schools. As Martin West said in a recent paper was this competitive funding significantly in building a diverse and strictly judged set of programs available that make a difference in U.S. education.

To keep up with the dynamics of innovation in education, some senators and congressmen propose a new approach, based on the successful small business innovation research (SBIR) program, which funds innovation and evaluation in 11 different government authorities. The new initiative is called social issues innovation research (SSIR). The idea of the SSIR is a tiny part of the funding schedule in all major fields of activity of the Government education financing (except title I) for the purpose of the creation, evaluation and dissemination of proven approaches in this area of financing. Example, you might, money from idea (special education) supports innovations in the remedial classes. The financing in SSIR would issued for three categories of research and development:

Development and testing of promising innovations;
Strict evaluation of existing programmes; and
Comprehensive evaluation and replication of proven programs.

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