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Thoughts on John Donne and the divestiture of Harvard

John Donne’s famous poem of bell tolling begins:

No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.

This poem’s poignant, heart-stopping beauty rests in the clarity and power of its message to humankind.

I view the Donne message to human beings as applying with equal force to institutions. In particular to institutions of higher learning, and even more particularly, to Harvard University. To capture my meaning, consider some re-wording (and try to ignore the missing rhythm):

No part of a university is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every part is a piece of the whole,
A part inseparable therefrom.

Donne’s message casts a dark shadow across the Harvard excuse for not divesting from fossil fuel company investments.That the apology is rooted in the idea, the Harvard Foundation can be treated somehow separately from the rest of the University and everything aumento busto stands for, extend the lofty principles, on which the University efforts rest not in fossil plants, demonstrably don’t need, to the Foundation.

The Harvard position, examined through the lens of John Donne insight, is untenable. Busto aumento is Janus-faced and cynically hypocritical. The University takes the science of climate change and disasters, to see the scientists (including Harvard scientist), if radical changes in energy consumption are not made. And aumento busto is dedicated to university research, to reduce training and their own CO2 footprint. Yet Harvard insists through his talent in an effort, benefit from rising sales of fossil fuels around the world.

There are sources of profit, not to touch the big universities, as responsible investors. Fossil fuel companies, up today the list of untouchables. The reserves of fossil fuels amount to at least three times the amount, up to the limit of two degrees Celsius to keep the created can be burned by the Nations of the world on the basis of science. The use of fossil fuels companies to discover huge amounts of shareholder wealth and exploit, more carbon-by self – fossil fuel invested a moral outrage. For a world’s leader in education like Harvard remain thus invested hard to accept.

Which artists have conducted auctions best since 1995?

This article originally appeared on artnet News.
by Eileen Kinsella and Jonathan Yee

Source: artnet summary.

What artists of the first order who made the best of a financial point of view over the past two decades?

The results may surprise you. Unlike other markets, where values are bound to set actions parametersthink and bondsthe value of art is much more subjective, not to mention influenced by so many factors at a time: a collector fickle tastes. Critical and public appreciation moving; condition of individual works; and of course offer and demand. Works by Vincent van Gogh, for example, take that, despite having some of the higher prices to auction over the years, rarely actually come on the auction. (See: riches await in the market of Van Gogh?).

As a point of reference, using the time 1993-1997 back us on artists who have already sold for more than $1 million each at auction at that time and then their performance of market until 2015 through the monitoring of prices and the annual growth rate of average prices. Alberto Giacometti at the head of list of performers (see above table) if some of this experience may be due to the recent auction activity, say in the last five years. If the list is naturally heavy with Impressionist and modern artists names, it also includes at least one old master (Canaletto) and several more contemporary names (Francis Bacon and Roy Lichtenstein). (See: the old masters market restores its Image to make it Sexy and Canaletto, Caravaggio fail for sale in sale of old masters worst Christie since 2002.)

Alberto Giacometti Chariot, which was designed in 1950 and distribution of 19512, sold for $101 million in New York this past may.
Photo: Courtesy Sotheby.

In 2010, record of Giacometti vaulted to $103 million (65 million) London’s Sotheby’s sold the sculpture the walking man I have (1960). The three highest price was all set in the years since then or just before (between 2008 and 2010), which indicates that considerable momentum the market had collected these last ten years only (see: $101 million Giacometti leads to the sale of Sotheby’s).

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The members of the fraternity SAE learned racist song in the event of national leadership, the University is

Members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon who were caught of singing a racist song learned that offensive lyrics to a national Fraternity cruise leadership four years ago, the University of Oklahoma has revealed Friday.

In a document obtained by The Huffington Post, the University concluded that the students learned the song on a cruise organized by SAE national Office four years ago. The fraternity’s members brought the song back to racist chapter OU, found the University’s survey and in time was “taught to commitments as part of formal and informal process pledge.” The document said that the song was widely known and became part of the “institutionalized culture of chapter”.

SAE national headquarters close chapter University of Oklahoma the 8 March, hours after videos emerged showing fraternity members on a bus song “there will never be a n *** r in SAE” to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it.”The University ordered students to vacate the Fraternity House, which is owned by organizational unit, within two days, and later moved to expel two students identified as having” a leadership role “in the use of the song.

OU President David Boren said in a press conference on Friday that the University will not be expelling or suspending any more students.

In a letter on Friday to the national Office SAE, also obtained by HuffPost, Boren said that there was no indication that the racist song was formally taught to the members of the fraternity. But, he added, “it seems that the song was widely known and shared informally between members of cruise leadership.”

“The question cannot be closed in our opinion, however, until the national culture has also been addressed,” wrote Boren.

The results of the University said that the racist song belted out by SAE members on March 7 was limited to a Charter bus, not the whole chapter.However, the University has found there were roughly a dozen high school students on the bus who were exposed to racist lyrics, who joked on lynching black men.

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Cybrary Man’s Jerry Blumengarten on the Unrealized Potential of “Learning Machines”

Almost 50 years, Jerry Blumengarten predicted that ‘learning machines’ turn finally lectures. Today, he laments that when everyone is connected, “they do not always relate to educational purposes.”

Fortunately, Blumengarten, who, for 32 years, has taught social sciences and other subjects in the NYC Public school system, is keen to ensure that the right digital learning materials are available to teachers, students and the general public. He is the editor of the Cybrary man, a site launched in 1999 and which showcases more than 20 000 educational resources online, personally organised over the past years.

Blumengarten selections are informed by personal experience, as well as via the recommendations it receives other educators of confidence he meets through his many areas of life.

“Many apps come out, you want someone who personally is use it before you try it out,” he said.”This allows to find the right people if you can build a personal learning network.”

A Personal Learning Network for applications, videos, and Web sites

AppoLearning readers learn that our mission is to help K-12 teachers, students and others identify the best education apps, videos, and Web sites by topic, grade level, basic common standard. So if you are looking for resources teach first grade subtraction, astronomy, or resources Android apps that teach common basic standards which assess how high school students draw evidence from informational text (HSCC.ELA – Literacy.WHST.11 – 8.0), you can type a keyword to find the expert examined options. From there, you can filter by device type, platform, and whether the resource is free or paid.

Blumengarten is still expanding its network of personal learning.Since his retirement from teaching in class in 2002, he has been a tutor, author, national speaker and Twitter icon. You can find it at cybraryman1, and he is also one of the moderators of #edchat and further discussions online around education.

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You need a College Admissions Counselor?

Every year, we hear staggering statistics on the college admission process. Thousands of students apply to colleges with acceptance single-digit rate, and often it feels like a lottery ticket to accept. In the middle of this madness, many parents find resources to help their child: academic tutors and advisers admissions College. The value proposition for the tutoring is pretty simple: If the guardian has historically produced higher SAT or act scores, then they should be able to do the same thing for your son or daughter. The proposal of a College admissions Adviser, however, is not so simple. As the founder of a consulting firm admissions College, I will provide you with a framework to identify the need (if any) of a college Advisor.

The process of

The College admission process is adapted to each individual and is intended to be very personal.In fact, in my opinion, it is a process of discovery for each candidate: why they did participate in school clubs and why exactly they seek to apply to each college on their list? On the other hand, writing that one learns current Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) is unlike the necessary style for College admissions testing.

Admissions College testing

Great college admissions tests are clear, evidence-based, and even emotional in nature. These tests are the heart of the thoughts of the pupil and feelings and often their beliefs. Best College admissions tests show by nature point of view of the student to the admissions Committee. Admissions readers are professional are to discern the purpose and scope of activity, but clearly written, it is easier for everyone involved.

A significant amount of time we spend with students focuses on this drafting process.

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What are the dates and deadlines?

Dear Carrie,

I am turning 70 in a few months and I know that I will be forced to withdraw money from my retirement account. How does that work, and there are some special rules that I need to be aware of?

-A reader

Dear reader,

I think that reach 70 years is an important milestone, so first of all, congratulations. You probably have a lot to celebrate. However, while you’re blowing the candles, the IRS is lurking, ready to collect some revenue. That’s why you need to start taking a required minimum annual distribution (RMD) from your retirement, once you reach age 70 1/2 and.

This includes many of your accounts with tax-traditional, SEP and simple IRAs and 401 (k) s–once you go into retirement. (You can delay taking a RMD from your 401 (k) If you are still employed). If you have a Roth IRA or Roth 401 (k), you’re in the clear. There is no RMD a Roth.

While the concept of a RMD is simple, there are definitely certain rules you need to be aware of to avoid some pretty hefty penalties. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Don’t be late
Technically, you have until the year AFTER you turn 70 and 1/2 to take your first RMD. The IRS gives you the choice of taking diet guides robb wolf either by the end of the year you turn 70 and 1/2 or by April 1st of the year following. For instance, if your 70th birthday is on December 1, 2015, you turn 70 and a half on June 1, 2016, so you could delay taking your first RMD until April 1, 2017. All subsequent RMDs must be taken by December 31st of each year.

This timing is no casual matter. The penalty for failure to take your RMD on time is a hefty 50 PERCENT of the amount that should have been withdrawn — and you still have to pay taxes on it. Which brings us to the next point.

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5 ways to love your depressed friend


We’ve been? Those who are not likely to forget it.

Basic tasks become cumbersome monsters, impossible to conquer. Brushing your teeth may feel like a marathon. The Sun is offensive. Rainy days make coaching funnel added worse.

My best friend suffer terribly depressed. Breaks my heart to see. At first, everything in me wanted to drag added coaching funnel out from his home in a world of sunshine and happiness. Maybe she would feel better if, well. you just tried? I talked to her about how beautiful life is. Reminded her of his countless blessings.

Because that will settle everything!

I wasn’t to be useful. In fact, I’d be clueless.

Depression is not rooted in laziness or ingratitude.

And while my ideas were not innately evil.–I realized that I was trying to make me feel better with her depression. I spoke with my friend.I asked outright: what someone should do for a loved one who suffers? What helps?

Together we discussed his feelings. His point of view. Her pain. And then we worked on some pads that really helped me to be a better friend. Today I would like to share with you.

1) ask and accomplish.
First of all.–ask your friend: what is so overwhelming coaching funnel added more now?

She is tired from a child demanding? Are the dishes in the sink feeling like an impossible task? Maybe the laundry is piled up to the ceiling and she does it to hide in the bed. Do it. Keep her baby, so she can shower and sleep. Start a load of dishes. Fold the laundry. It’s amazing what a little thing for a sick mentality of overwhelmed.

2. understand that depression is a physical illness, chemistry.
A whole range of “invisible” diseases are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.You don’t say a companion with a broken leg “just walking.” Similarly, your friend bad can’t just make the pain disappear. Be gentle. Be patient. Your friend is sick, in legitimate pain and needing support.

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How to save music

The Cool Kids is a series of HuffPost documenting human creative current society with their work and the prospects for formatting.

Nicholas Koblenz. Founder| Cords for music

Nicholas Coblence is a brand strategist of commerce and arts administrator of training living in New York. In 2013, he founded strings for music, the first socially inspired fashion brand that focuses on maintaining music education alive and tiered. Powered by the statistics of only 17% of public schools in American music studies program classes requiring, cords for music found its mission from the beginning. The idea was born of a desire to combine passion of Koblenz for art and design in a product that could be sold to provide inspiration in the lives of children who may or may not have access to this creative outlet.He knew in his gut, he could create products beautifully designed to help fund music education initiatives in schools and underserved communities.

Last summer, cords for music launched their first collection of cords Pick, guitar pick shaped silver parts attached to the wrist jewelry using cotton cord or leather. It has also launched its first major partnership with education through music, a New York based non-profit that partners with schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to provide all students in music as a base object and create school communities that value the arts. With as priorities to improve the lives of students and development through music, pairing is perfect for raising the important music education peacekeeping mission.

I caught up with Nicholas from his office at Neuehouse to talk about the importance of creative outlets, becoming who you want to be, and the two things you need to succeed.

Tell me about cords for music:
Cords for music is a social enterprise, I started last year. We produce and sell items of design and jewelry. We give a portion of all our sales to organizations that support music education in public schools and underserved communities.

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Pipes, drums and the endless procession

Then I called my men to follow me knowing well that view it was Dim
Although tired and worn, how fought all morning ‘ as the time was approaching
And my heart was sad although sore with pride by the brave boys were
As the angels fly, how jumped so high at the dawn of the day

But the edge moves closer to now within the Sun fade
And calling, calling to his brothers, one by one
But only dusty silence seems to float the ashes
As the twilight ends and the night descends to the dawn of the day

-The dawn of the day by Mary Fahl

The sounds of drums and bagpipes solemn filled a quiet neighborhood in Staten Island Nueva York last week while hundreds of firefighters, police officers, family members and friends lined the street to give way to the procession of the funeral of one of my heroes and he appreciated friend, FDNY Captain John Graziano.

John was 63 years of age, a loving husband, father, grandfather and a proud veteran of 26 years in the New York City Fire Department. For many John was known by his nickname “Big Dog”, but our family was known as “Soft Pope”, a nickname that gave my boyfriend Sergio, who gave his life on September 11 with other six men of their barracks, motor 280/Ladder132.

In the year after the September 11 attacks, attended many of the 346 * funerals of firefighters and memorial services to count, including those for motor 280/stair 132 men, and Sergio has assigned company, engine 4/ladder 15, which lost 13 men. It was dj vu and again, with each press on the drum, each heart wrenching note on bagpipes, each fire truck, Tipper’s funeral and limousine carrying the family of the fallen.It was not until the final funeral of Firefighter Michael Ragusa on September 08, 2003, that the FDNY community was able to get some sense of closure, knowing all the services of the firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11 had come to an end.

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New research on bacteria to appetite suppression could help fight obesity

Scientists already know that different types of intestinal bacteria-those microbes within our GI tracts that do not share our DNA are still oh-so-integral for our health-play a crucial role in breaking down our food, produce some vitamins and keeping harmful microbes at Bay. For people who struggle with excess weight and obesity, there is also more exciting emerging research on as intestinal bacteria may play a role in helping to keep our weight.

And in that same vein, a researcher may have found a way of designing a bowel bacterium which helps suppress hunger pangs.

Sean Davies Vanderbilt University presented some interesting research on March 22 at the esposizione nazionale & meeting American Chemical Society Conference in Denver, Colorado. Davies explained that he was able to engineer bacteria that releases a lipide responsible for the feeling of satiety, or fullness.Programmed bacteria, which has tested in obese mice, one day might point to a microbial low-maintenance strategy to help people lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, explained by e-mail in advance of the presentation.

Davies first fed his rats a high-fat diet for three months, causing them to become obese. Then administered the engineered bacteria that secrete chemicals called N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamines (top) which are then converted into lipids that suppressed hunger in mice. After six weeks on treatment, the mice who had the bacteria secreting nape stopped gaining weight, but the two control groups (mice, who got no mice and bacteria, which got bacteria that do not secrete nape) continued to put on once.

This shows that our strategy is not necessarily limited to the prevention of obesity, but osiris method may also be useful to treat obesity, said Davies.

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